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Can PDF Files Have Viruses?

Can PDF Files have viruses

PDF is one of the most versatile and convenient file formats, which is why it’s widely used across the world. It’s used to share files via email as attachments, protect data from certain people, edit existing Word, Excel, and file formats, to create lovely presentations, and more.

In the past, it was considered the most secure file format that is safe from viruses.

That was the biggest reason it became so popular. However, it was discovered that PDFs can catch a virus, even as early as in 2001, when “Peachy” was discovered.

Some PDFs can have an actual virus while others can have another hidden malware. There are also advanced forms of malware that aren’t easy to detect.
Although this may sound worrying, there’s always a solution to the problem. The same goes for this one. If you want to find out more about PDF viruses, their identifying, and protecting, keep on reading.

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5 Benefits of Sending PDF versus Word Document

Benefits of sending PDF vs Word

The Portable Document Format (PDF) dates from the early 1990s and was developed with one main goal – ensuring consistent formatting.

For those using digital documents at that time, you surely are aware that sharing documents between different computers and operating systems could be a nightmare.

Since then, PDF documents have grown in popularity and today they are one of the most widely-used document formats.

While MS word is indeed the most famous word processor, even its users turn to PDF when they need to send certain data such as bills or handouts.

While PDFs have proven useful for many professionals and companies in the business world, they are also quite common among university students and novel readers who prefer reading on their tablets or phones. PDF files have found their way, and are preferred by the legal, medical and real-estate industries to schools and colleges, small businesses, and large enterprises.

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11 Tips to Create SEO Friendly PDF Documents

How to SEO Optimize PDF Files

Many people believe that PDFs are invisible to search engines. While this has been true in the past, Google started searching, indexing, and crawling PDFs in 2001. So, you can use PDFs on your website and expose them to the public.

Let’s accept the fact that HTML web pages are a far better option for getting high rankings in search than PDF files. After all, people can interact with HTML pages and do things they could not do on PDF documents, such as comment on a post or hit a like button.

But that does not mean you should leave your PDF files on the side, because your strategy may rely on improving the visibility of those PDFs.

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20 Popular Work From Home Jobs

Best work from home jobs for 2021

2020 has definitely changed the way we live. It changed the way we work, the way we communicate, the way we spend our free time. It also changed our hanging-out habits and “forced” us to stay at home.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemics did great harm to the global economy with hundreds of thousands of people losing their jobs and even more losing their lives. The companies who managed to survive the deep impact of the pandemics changed the way they operate to adapt to the “new normal”.

What they did was replacing the regular offices with home offices. Hence, all the employees of those companies started working from home. With that, the demand for work from home jobs drastically increased. You may check out the remote working trends that come along with the situation.

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How to Convert Screenshot to PDF

How to convert screenshot to PDF

What’s the easiest way to capture an image, a part of a video, or any specific part of a document?

It’s probably by taking a screenshot.

No wonder it’s the first thing we do when we want to save something that we want to use as a note or a reminder later.

Screenshots are easy to take, especially on a smartphone, and serve us great whenever we need information (image, link… anything) that we’ll use in future.

They can be saved in various formats, with JPG and PNG being the two most common ones. We can send them via email or share them via services like Messenger, Viber, What’s Up, and similar.

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7 Key Reasons to Secure Your PDF Files

7 key reasons to secure your PDF files

Portable document format (PDF) files have proven to be a safe and convenient way for distributing personal or private information on the web.

The tremendous increase of data’s value has brought about the development of data-driven cultures which in turn imposes the need for secure file transfer solutions.

Each individual or business has their own reasons and needs for protecting their PDF files. The core importance of securing the files is to control who can access the document, or control who can make changes to it. But, the type of protection that you should implement for the files will depend on your objective and the particular content of the files.

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18 Tools to Digitalize Teaching

18 Tools to Digitalize Teaching

Teaching equips people with all the things they need to face life. It’s what makes them evolve and improve their skills, be it life skills, cognitive skills, or specific work-related skills. Therefore, we always need to strive to improve the teaching-learning process.

Regardless of whether it is primary, secondary, or higher education, we can make it much better and more interesting by digitalizing it.

That doesn’t mean going fully online, rather incorporating digital tools in the traditional classroom teaching to enhance the learning outcome. Hence, you can use these tools as additional teaching resources or practice materials, add more variety to your teaching, or even shifting to fully digital education, as the one we have now, with COVID-19.

You, as an educator, have the freedom to choose how to digitalize your teaching. No matter how you do it, it will boost your teaching efforts and will support students’ learning.

If you want to try this in your classroom, here are 18 tools that will help you digitalize your classroom.

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Word vs PDF Resume - The Best File Format For Your CV

Shoud Your Resume be PDF or Word

Your resume is your card to getting hired or not, based on your skills, accomplishments, and background. It’s a presentation of who you are as a person and employee. Having in mind that hiring, today, is done mostly online, over LinkedIn or email, the HR managers or business owners don’t meet you in person. Therefore, you need to make sure your resume reflects your professional persona.

Apart from the content and the layout of your resume, its format is another very important thing you should consider. Indeed, delivering your resume in PDF, Word, or another format plays a major role in whether or not you will get hired.

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10 Best Websites to Download Free PDF eBooks

10 best websites to download free pdf ebooks

E-Books have undoubtedly become a hit in the last decade. Thanks to the internet, now, people can access hundreds of thousands of free books. There are different types of eBooks, from novels to academic books. So, you can enjoy reading the books you always wanted but never had a chance to get out of a reason.

Did we mention they are FREE? In case we didn’t, they are. Being able to read them without spending a dime, you get access to lots of different books. Whether you need to fill your free time or learn something in addition to your course materials, you can find the books you need online.

There are plenty of sites that offer free eBooks. Most of them offer books in various formats, with PDF being among the most common ones. Hence, you can read books on your computer, mobile phone, tablet, or iPad.

Like what you’ve read so far? Awesome, because we have gathered the top 10 websites from where you can download free PDF eBooks.

So, let’s check them out!

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Why Is Your Word Document So Large and How to Reduce Its Size?

Why is Your Word Document So Large and How to Reduce Its Size

Have you ever started writing a word document and ended up wondering how its size got so large?

Do you just blame it on the pictures (if you have any) and come to terms with it?

Or you helplessly remove important information just for the size to fit the requirements?

You certainly have to be careful if you’re posting it online or sharing it via email. In almost all the cases, you will find the culprits to be too many and large images, very long text, and embedded fonts.

Read on to see the reasons for the huge size of the documents and some tips on how to reduce it.

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