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Moving From 128 to 256-bit AES Encryption

Security is very important to us.

Today we are powering the level of security of your PDF files by implementing 256-bit AES encryption.

256-bit AES protection is widely known to be stronger than 128-bit AES.

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Unlock PDF Files Like a Pro With The New Tool

Gorilla does not sleep. It’s working hard to provide you the necessary toolset for seamless documents workflow.

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GorillaPDF Features New PowerPoint to PDF and Excel to PDF Tools

GorillaPDF adds two new converter tools to support your documents workflow.

The tools are PowerPoint to PDF and Excel to PDF.

Check them out and share your feedback.

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Desktop vs Online PDF Converters

PDF is one of the most used file formats today, especially among businesses. It’s very convenient to use and easily accessible across all devices and operative systems. Moreover, It’s highly secure as it allows you to limit access to your document using encryption and password as well as a watermark and digital signature.

However, PDFs have one big flaw. They cannot be directly created as Word documents are. Instead, they have to be converted from other types of file formats into PDF. In order to do this, you have to use a PDF converter.

PDF converters allow you to convert any file format into PDF and vice versa. In that way, you can “play” with your documents and use them in different formats, as needed. You can edit and protect the content and compress the document for sharing it via email.

There are two categories of PDF converters: online tools and desktop software. As you may assume, they are not the same. In order to choose the right type of PDF converter, you should know the differences between them, their pros and cons. So, let’s have a look at them.

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What Does PDF Stand For?

What Does PDF Stand For?

You have probably come across a PDF at some point in your life if not more often. They are types of documents just like Microsoft Word documents but differ from them.

One of the biggest differences is that PDFs are not created using Microsoft Office programs, as you would expect. They are not even created using Open Office programs either.

In fact, you can’t write a PDF as you write a Word document. You can just create one by converting another type of document into PDF.

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