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Convert image into editable text using online OCR converter.
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How to Extract Text from Image?

Convert image to text with online OCR tool
  1. Open your image in the OCR converter by clicking the Browse button.
  2. Click the convert button.
  3. Download the text in a PDF format by clicking the Download button.

Fast & Accurate Online OCR Converter.

High-Quality Optical Character Recognition.

OCR (optical character recognition) is complex operation of converting images of handwritten or printed text into a computer-encoded text file.

This OCR converter makes it really easy thanks to the advanced character recognition technology that powers it.

Superb optical character recognition tool online
Multilingual OCR Converter

Multilingual OCR Converter

The optical character recognition tool is accurate for many fonts and languages, whether it's an invoice, personal ID, scanned book, or any image with text you want to extract.

Currently, the OCR converter supports 116 languages.

Works Anywhere, On Any Device.

Do have your photo prepared for OCR?

All you need is a web connection and this web OCR software to extract the text from photos and scanned files.

OCR converter for any device and platform
Free Online OCR Service

Free Online OCR service

The best part for you is getting the job done in seconds for free.

Take full advantage of the free online OCR software, and don’t forget to share this amazing tool with your colleagues.

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