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Protect your PDF document
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We will protect your file with strong 128-bit AES encryption. This will make it impossible to open or remove the protection without the correct password. So please try to remember the password. We don't keep your password or your file on our server.

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How to Password Protect a PDF?

Choose a PDF file to protect

Step 1.

Click on "Choose File” button and open the PDF file to protect.

Enter a password to protect the PDF

Step 2.

Enter your password and click on "Protect PDF" but.

Download your encrypted PDF file

Step 3.

Your PDF file is encrypted. Click on the but to download your file.

Secure, Fast, Reliable and Free PDF Password Protector

Fast Conversion

Just try it and see how fast this service is. Bookmark this page and encrypt PDFs whenever you need, whatever you need.

128-Bit Encryption

It's one of the most secure ways to encrypt PDF files. It's logically unbreakable encryption. All you need is to remember the password.

Secure Work

We don't keep files and they are permanently deleted from the server. Also be sure to create strong password when encrypting your file.

Free Online Converter

While many other software providers will charge for this tool, GorillaPDF Password Protect PDF tool is free to use. As many times as you want.