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How to Password Protect a PDF?

Choose a PDF file to protect


Click on 'Choose File' button and open the PDF file to protect.

Enter a password to protect the PDF


Enter your password and click on 'Protect PDF' button

Download your encrypted PDF file.


Your PDF file is encrypted. Click on the but to download your file

Encrypt your PDF files online free

Create a strong password.

If the password is as short as three or four characters, there is a chance that someone could guess it or do a brute-force.

Please make sure to create a strong password and remember it.

When protecting PDF, make sure to create a strong password
128-bit AES encryption to PDF

Reliable and unbreakable encryption.

So you have the best possible password.

Next, GorillaPDF Protect tool will protect your PDF document with a strong 128-bit AES encryption.

This will make it impossible to open or remove the protection without the correct password.

Protect PDF on the go.

You can take advantage of this web solution for protecting PDF files on any device and operating system.

GorillaPDF Password Protect tool is an online app that runs in any browser, and encrypts PDF in seconds.

Online Password Protect Tool
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Password protect PDF tool for free.

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