Our story begins in 2006 when a group of young people attended to the same University and studied different disciplines in Information Technologies. Fifteen years later, and after many hours of hard-working in the corporate world, we gathered again, and brought to the world our powerful platform of tools for converting and manipulating PDF documents.

GorillaPDF is the kind of software that you will adore because it supports you when it’s needed, and offers seamless interaction, protection, and reliability. It’s a product built out of experience in working with PDFs for banking, government and educational projects. We absorbed and studied the major difficulties that users have when working with PDF files and funneled that energy into an outstanding online software for changing the bit out of PDF documents.

All tools on the website work independently as a web services. The Gorilla accepts your files, processes them, and serve you for download and further use, without the need to download, install and even login. It’s a solution suitable for mobile and desktop users, while used in the business world, education and by individuals.

We release new products with high velocity, and regularly add new features to the current pallet of tools to satisfy user requirements. The Blog is where we announce new products, updates or articles about digitalization and industry news, but we also share the news on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

At this moment, you can take full advantage of the seventeen available tools for free usage:

  • TXT to PDF
  • PDF to TXT
  • JPG to PDF
  • PNG to PDF
  • Online OCR
  • Word to PDF
  • Excel to PDF
  • PowerPoint to PDF
  • ODS to PDF
  • ODT to PDF
  • ODP to PDF
  • Encrypt PDF
  • Unlock PDF
  • Compress PDF
  • Merge PDF
  • HTML to PDF
  • PDF Reader

We truly hope that this is just a start of something larger, and much more impactful for the digital transformation era. Every user that convert files encourage us to believe in a truly paperless workspace, and build innovative solutions to support the cause.

Join us on the journey, there is more to come.


GorillaPDF Team.