New Merger, Reader and HTML to PDF Converter

GorillaPDF launches pdf merger, pdf reader and html to pdf converter

Big update by GorillaPDF, in times when we learned that digital transformation is inevitable, and needed more than ever.

Having that in mind, 3 new tools are featured for more powerful Gorilla, and more efficient you.

You can find a great usage in PDF merger, PDF Reader and HTML to PDF converter.

Here is why these tools are very welcomed.

Very often, people need to combine PDF documents into a single file. To append a page to already existing file or to create a single document of multiple files.

This can be easily done with the PDF merge tool. Just browse or drop your files, and arrange them by dragging on the surface.

And the PDF reader is here to enhance your experience with a simple and intuitive design.

You can open and read PDF files without installing any software.

Finally, converting HTML to PDF is much needed operation for specific groups of users, so Gorilla showcase the magic in the last, but not least tool for converting web URL or HTML file into a PDF.

These tools in addition to the current palette add more power to GorillaPDF, the online PDF converter for busy people.

And it’s 100% free.

Feel free to share the love and follow us for updates and new tools in the following period.

Author: Darko Atanasov

Author: Darko

He writes about digital trends, tips on improving productivity and software solutions for busy people.